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Don't just take our word for it, listen to what actual Orb 27 client's have to say about our B2B Lead Generation Services and how we've helped them scale their outbound sales

Ready to boost your sales and marketing results?



BMKD New York

BMKD is a fast-growing creative agency based out of New York, they onboarded Orb 27 in 2021 and crazy enough - they closed a $500k deal within 60 days of onboarding from one of Intro we booked converting into a 40x ROI immediately


Full-Service Marketing

How Orb 27 helped a full-service agency generate $350k in 6-months? Through COVID-19 and helped them grow 3x within 4 years of partnering 

windsorborn_team_1 (1).jpg


Video Production Agency

Orb 27's ability to connect us with 100s organizations, and specifically with decision makers has allowed us to close over $400k in new revenue within 12-months of launch


SnapLogic: Enterprise SaaS

Orb 27 helped SnapLogic generate 318 sales appointments in 2 years and close $9 million in revenue and build a consistent and reliable revenue engine to grow your organization


We've worked with the best

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