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BMKD (Branding and Creative Agency)

BMKD is a fast-growing creative agency based out of New York, they onboarded Orb 27 in 2021 and crazy enough - they closed a $500k deal within 60 days of onboarding from one of Intro we booked converting into a 40x ROI immediately

BMKD (Branding and Creative Agency)

BMKD is a diversified, fully independent health creative agency, with several awards under their belt including 2020’s Agency of the Year as well as Gold Agency of the Year. Their clients include Amarin, ilumina, Merck, UroGen and more. We're working together and supporting them with prospecting for over 24 months.

Emails Delivered

Sales Leads

Qualified Meetings

Things were going steady for the first few months, as Bill stated: “We’re making good progress. Closed over a million in sales within the first year and have deals in the pipe to close soon, but there have been some good conversations, so let’s keep going”. We had great results with dozens of leads focused on big pharma.

Our results from the initial email outreach campaign in the first 6 months had 9871 deliveries, a 4.6% reply rate (458 replies), 145 sales leads (33% of replies), 84 meetings (40% conversion rate).

Orb 27 as a service was the best Investment I ever made for BMKD in our 20 years of existence.
Bill Kay, CEO @ BMKD

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