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Book 25-30 sales
meetings in 90 days

Here at Orb 27 - we create ultra-personalized cold outreach campaigns that delivers 25-30 appointments per quarter.

Orb 27 helps grow your B2B business with a sophisticated approach to B2B Lead-Gen :)

Companies hire us to rapidly increase sales pipeline through our lead generation services via cold calling, email prospecting, and LinkedIn outreach instead of hiring and training an expensive internal SDR team.

Sales and Prospecting 

We create unique outbound sales and outreach strategies, craft personalized multi-touch sequences, handle responses, and schedule appointments directly to your calendar.

Professional Services

You want a more predictable path to sales appointments. We help you uncover the gaps, use the right tools, and optimize every stage of your outbound program to get there.

Database Enrichment

You don't need data from another database. Your CRM is already packed with prospect info. The problem? It's outdated and decaying every second. We go record-by-record in record time to append and clean your prospect data and keep it fresh.

Lead Research

Our dedicated data specialists will source & validate high quality contact data that matches your ideal customer profile.

We hired Orb 27 in Jan 2020 - right before COVID hit us and they've consistently brought us highly qualified-meetings, through all the chaos, we've grown from $1.2 million to $4 million an year in 2023.

We've gotten a consistent 1:12 ROI on our Investment with them.

Managing Partner | Established Marketing Agency

Our B2B Lead-Gen Services Generate Significant ROI.



Personalized B2B Lead-Gen 

Service That Drive Results.


From Lead-Gen to appointment setting, Orb 27 has the best software and experts for advancing your B2B sales strategy. Do you want to build a predictable and consistent pipeline? Speak with a seasoned Growth Advisor to get started.


Most of our clients have also tried lots of outbound processes, and BDRs with little to no success  because to build a predictable outbound process, it takes dozens of testing and development, in order to get it right, and to actually book 20-30 qualified-meetings per quarter.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience


Clients We've Worked


Cold-Emails Delivered


Positive Replies


Meetings Booked

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Is Your B2B Organization Hungry For Sales Leads?

You've Definitely Come To The Right Place Here @ Orb 27: B2B Lead-Gen


When you outsource your B2B lead generation to us, we will take away the task of creating interest and generating leads from your sales team so they can do, what they do best, convert leads into sales.


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